Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split System

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems are a foreign concept to many 首页owners who have been using traditional heaters and air conditioners for as long as they can remember. 但, when you make the call to switch to a new type of indoor unit, like a mini split system, you’ll immediately notice benefits such as:

More Temperature Control

Mini split systems are typically split up into several different zones or rooms, each accompanied by their own thermostat. This gives the person in that area complete control over that area’s temperature. With the installation of mini split systems, you’ll have more control over the temperatures of each individual room in your Birmingham, AL, 首页.


Different makes and models come in different sizes but, 在一般情况下, mini split systems are small in size and don’t take up much space in your 首页. 另外, ductless systems are easy to install and can be moved from one room to another as needed. They’re adaptable and versatile enough to be used wherever you see fit.

Energy Efficient

Ductless systems can save 首页owners up to 40% on their 首页’s energy costs. This is thanks to the lack of ducts that are notorious for consuming a large amount of energy.


再一次, due to the lack of ducts within the system, ductless mini splits are as quiet as a whisper when functioning correctly. Even though there are typically more ductless units installed within a 首页 than with a traditional system, you’ll notice less overall noise coming from your 首页’s new heating and cooling system.

Mini Split System Repairs

If your 首页 already has a mini split system – but it’s not performing as well as it used to – your system might be in need of repair or maintenance service. The professionals at 龙8官网 can inspect your unit, find the root of the issue, and perform the necessary repair services that are needed. For professional mini split service in Birmingham, AL, give the experienced and talented technicians at 龙8官网 a call today.

Mini Split System Installations

Your 首页’s heating and air conditioning are important to the overall comfort of everyone inside. 不仅如此, but we also know how important saving money on your 首页’s heating and air conditioning bill is. With the installation of ductless air conditioning and heating systems, you’ll find yourself improving the comfort of those within your Birmingham 首页 while finding savings on your heating bill along the way.

联系 龙8官网 For Mini Split Services

No matter what type of HVAC need your 首页 is dealing with, the experienced professionals at 龙8官网 have seen it all. If you’re ready to make the switch to a quieter, more energy-efficient heating and cooling option, make sure to get in contact with the professional technicians at 龙8官网.

  • Bryant Ductless System | 龙8官网Bryant Ductless System | 龙8官网


    模型: 538 fr + 619 fb

    Efficiency Rating: 30.5先见

    声音水平: 22dB

    Wireless Remote: 是的

    零部件质量保证: 10年

  • Bryant Ductless Preferred | 龙8官网Bryant Ductless Preferred | 龙8官网


    模型: 619 paq + 38 maqb

    Efficiency Rating: 高达25先见

    声音水平: 27dB

    压缩机: 逆变器

    零部件质量保证: 10年

  • Ductless System | 龙8官网Ductless System | 龙8官网

    模型: DHQMA + DAQMA

    Efficiency Rating: 高达15先见

    声音水平: 30 dB

    压缩机: 逆变器

    零部件质量保证: 10年



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